Find Out the Benefits of a REZUM Procedure


You don’t want to constantly deal with BPH. Medications are expensive and some surgeries involve needles or scalpels. At Dynamiq Urology, we’ll help you to explore a REZUM procedure that can make it easy for you to say goodbye to medications once and for all.

When you’ve been searching for REZUM near me, it’s likely because you have heard about the benefits offered by the procedure. You may be curious about whether it’s right for you or you want to schedule the procedure with a trusted urologist.

We’ll be the first ones to talk to you about the benefits of the REZUM procedure. There’s no need for general anesthesia and it is performed right inside of our office. Instead of scalpels and needles, we insert vapor into the prostate gland during a treatment that lasts only nine seconds.
If you’re tired of feeling as though BPH has you out of the game, let us get you back in. Stop taking medications that have a long list of nasty side effects. Stop considering surgery that can leave you down for days or even weeks. Plus, the surgery can have a number of risks, too, because of it being invasive. We offer a minimally invasive alternative.

One of the reasons why we recommend looking for REZUM near me is because it clears up the various symptoms that you’re experiencing. BPH can take a toll on your body, creating kidney stones, incontinence, frequent urination, and so much more.

As a private urology clinic, we’re prepared to show you that there is a better alternative for treatment. Schedule an appointment with us today so that we can talk to you about the REZUM procedure and decide if it’s the best option for you to overcome your BPH diagnosis.