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Each and every year, more men are diagnosed with BPH. It’s nothing to stress about. The reality is that there’s a BPH medication alternative so that you’re not constantly taking pills. At Dynamiq Urology, we’ll introduce you to an alternative that allows you to get your life back.

Why would you want to take BPH medications when they are known for so many side effects? Not only is the medication expensive, but it can also cause nausea and headaches. For some, it can result in retrograde ejaculation and other sexual side effects such as erectile dysfunction and decreased sex drive.
While the medications can help to shrink the prostate, you could be miserable in other aspects of your life. That’s why it’s important to work with a urologist to find a Rezum BPH treatment in Ontario that can help you live your life without being bogged down by side effects.

REZUM is an in-office procedure that we’ve successfully used with many men who suffer from BPH. One of the best aspects is that it doesn’t involve needles. There’s no general anesthesia, either. This allows you to get back to living your life without the complicated downtime of surgery as an alternative to medication.

Our BPH medication alternative is easy as it uses steam to shrink the prostate. The procedure only takes a few seconds, allowing you to get off the table and back to work in no time at all.

You shouldn’t have to sit things out because you’re dealing with BPH symptoms or the side effects of the medications. Additionally, you shouldn’t have to go broke paying for those medications.

Let one of our urologists perform an exam and talk to you about real options that will get you away from your dependency on medications. Schedule an appointment for minimally invasive Rezum therapy by calling us today.