About Latest Treatment for Enlarged Prostate


There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Each and every year, people are diagnosed with BPH. The important thing is that you seek enlarged prostate treatment that makes sense for you. With an appointment at Dynamiq Urology, we can talk to you about options that are right.

Most doctors will prescribe medications that are expensive. While it can improve your urinary stream, it’s going to lead to countless side-effects that you don’t want to deal with. This can include sweating, weight gain, and even erectile dysfunction.

Shouldn’t the solution that your doctor gives you actually help you?

We’re urologists who specialize in BPH. It’s why we offer REZUM. When you want a new BPH treatment that actually works, we can talk to you about this outpatient procedure. We’re not going to use needles and we’re not going to require you to stay overnight in a hospital.

REZUM is the latest enlarged prostate treatment that uses steam to shrink the enlarged prostate. It only takes a few minutes and you can be on your way out of the office. While this new BPH treatment may be needed from time to time, it beats surgery and expensive medications.

It’s important that you get BPH under control as it can lead to infections, bladder stones, and even problems with your kidney function.

Don’t accept a BPH diagnosis from your primary care doctor without talking to a urologist. We’ll introduce you to an enlarged prostate treatment that can provide you with real results so that you can get your health under control.

So if you are searching for Rezum in Hamilton, Ontario call Dynamiq Urology to schedule an appointment with today. We can perform a full exam, determine if you’re a candidate for REZUM (Ontario or elsewhere), and provide you with a benign prostatic hyperplasia treatment that you can actually handle.